Welcome to the Oaklands webpage. This website focuses on the history and memory of Oaklands Plantation— a plantation that used to encompass much of Northwest Roanoke. Though it is no longer standing, it was once one of the largest slave holding plantations in the Roanoke Valley owned by a pioneer family known as the Watts family.

There is little documentation on Oaklands Planation, aside from the Watts Family Papers  and sources at the Virginia Room. Much of what I learned about this plantation was from secondary sources. This webpage explores some of the history of Oaklands Plantation before the home was burned and before the land was parceled out over time as the city of Roanoke modernized. The website also features unique oral histories that describe Northwest Roanoke in the 21st century. These oral histories reveal what individuals in the community know about Oaklands Planation.

On this website you will find interactive tabs, each with different content. The first tab contains an interactive timeline that explains Oaklands Planation from the period of Settlement until the turn of the 19th Century. The second tab contains segments from the oral histories that were conducted for this project which cover 20th and 21st Century experiences in Northwest Roanoke. The third tab contains a bibliography with the sources that I consulted for this project that are provided for context. The final tab is for comments. Feel free to leave behind comments, especially if you have more information on Oaklands Plantation. I hope that this website reaches you well and teaches you a little bit about Oaklands Planation and its memory in Northwest Roanoke. Thank you for visiting this site.